Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer some questions that may arise if you decide to participate in the project. If your question wasn't answered on this page, don't hesitate to send us an email!

I.- Who can join?

Any BUCK-TICK fan is welcome! The more the merrier.

II.- Can I send more than a piece?

Go head!

III.- Can I print the zine?

For personal use and to have it on your collection? Yes, you can, but please keep in mind that the pieces were made for a digital version. Printing the zine (or any of its individual works) for distribution or selling is completely prohibited. The same applies to its digital version. This is a non-profit creative project and we want to respect every one who participates.

IV.- Can I send the zine over to Imai's instagram, the Fish Tank email or any other form of direct contact with the band or fanclub?

Please don't.

The last thing we want is to bother Imai, the band, the staff or get into any kind of legal issue related to producing creative works at this scale. In due time we may analyze the option of sending it as an “art submission” through the Fish Tank official channels. Amongst the organizers of this zine there are people affiliated to the fanclub, so it may be a future possibility. Either way, we will let you know.

V.- Can I use the works on this zine as wallpapers, pfp, header, etc?

Each piece is the individual work of an artist and every artist has policies about the use of their work. If you are interested in any of the pieces, please check directly with the artist if the use of their work in things like headers/pfp (always with credit) is allowed or not.

VI.- Why can't I do NSFW pieces?

The project is aiming to create a collaboration between fans from different ages and places. We wouldn’t want to leave out younger fans or people who don't feel comfortable with NSFW content. Therefore, this edition of the zine is a SFW space. If we consider that the draft of your piece has any content that violates this point, we may ask you to make the necessary changes so may it be accepted in the zine.

VII.- Will you consider printing the zine in the future?

If enough people seem interested, we would love to, but it's something we need to analyze due to the logistics that may be involved and how these logistics may be affected due the current pandemic. In any case, we will let you know.

VIII.- I made a Miss-take on my piece and I noticed it until the zine was released, what can be done?

We are sorry but once the zine is released there's nothing to be done. We encourage you to triple check the piece you are submitting as the final work.

IX.- What happens if I don't submit my piece in time?

Your piece will be left out of the zine and you won't appear anywhere in the credits.

X.- Am I giving the rights to my piece when I submit it for the zine?

No. The piece is completely yours, the zine is just a collection of works.

XI.- Can I share my individual work or other people's work on social media?

Of course! Please do share your individual piece once the zine is released and not before the release date. You may publish WIPs (Work in Progress) of your work but we ask you to keep it at something like showing just a 20% of the total piece so as to not spoil the surprise. In the case of other artist works, reposting most defenitely will not be allowed by most artists, so please be sure to share their works from the original source.

XII.- Will there be other zines in the future?

Actually, this is the second edition of the Zine in Question! Check out the first one here. After releasing the first edition, many people seemed interested in participating in a second one, so here we are! We'd love to make further editions in the future, so please give lots of love to the project.