P. I: Guidelines

How do I participate?

We are happy to receive as much fans as possible! There are no requirements to apply. We only ask you to be responsible with due dates, and that your submission is in line with the Zine's theme.

We will be accepting illustrations, comics, text (writing pieces), photos or designs. In case you want to submit another form of art, you may check the “other” option on the application form and we will contact you with the specific guidelines for the submission.

Please read the rules carefully, failing in doing so may end up in your submission not being included in the zine.

Rules of the zine:

  • Your piece MUST follow the Zine's theme.
  • You cannot submit one of your previous personal works, it must be a work created exclusively for the Zine.
  • No NSFW pieces.
  • No AI art.
  • No copyright infringement or plagiarism.
  • No racism, xenophobia, hate speech or any kind of discrimination themes.
  • Potentially triggering content might be allowed after review. It must not be explicit.
  • Do not profit with the ZIQ in any way.
  • (After release) Do not print the ZIQ or the individual works (unless it is your own work) for selling purposes.
  • (After release) Do not repost or use other artists' works without their authorization.

Note we hold the right to refuse including any works or participants that we deem not appropiate for the project at any time.

How to register

Be sure to read all the info, guidelines and frequently asked questions on this webpage. Once you agree with the Zine's guidelines and rules you may proceed over to the Google Form to Apply on the following link:

Application period ended.

After filling in the Google Form you will receive a notification and your application will be completed. And that's it, you are in!

You may refer to the following section to have a rough idea of when we will be checking progress on your piece.

P. II: Submitting your piece

Considering the zine will be in digital format:

1. Art and Visual Format

Art pieces must be 300 dpi and 8.5x11 inches (2550 pixels x 3300 pixels), horizontal or vertical is fine. We may scale it a bit for the zine design. If you do a traditional piece, please make sure to scan it in the highest and best quality that is avaliable to you.

Comics must be 2 pages max. Same requirements apply as above.

2. Text Format

In the case of texts, the length is 2 pages max with 11+ font size.

For poems 1 page max. Font size: 11+

The writing submissions must be either in english or in your native language, but send us an english or spanish translation. Please be sure to proofread the piece before sending any version.

About submitting drafts and finals

All ready to send us your first draft? Excellent!

For draft 1 and 2:

  • You must send at least ONE draft before sending us your final piece. Check the schedule on the section below for due dates.

For final pieces:

  • You must write a description about the relation between your piece and art (what you based it on, why you chose that particular art movement, etc.) on the same email as your final piece.
  • Finals must be sent no later than April 22nd. You may send the piece as an attachment, a wetransfer download link or a Drive download link.

Send us your drafts/final piece to our email:


Please name your archive as the following: “YourName_Progress”

Example: “Sashi_Draft2”


These are all approximate dates subject to change at any time.

Application forms: Open January 27th
Applications forms: Close February 3rd
Application confirmation February 5-10th
First draft March 5th
Second draft (Optional) April 1st
Finals deadline May 1st
Extension deadline May 5th
Digital Release May 20th

Note: If you feel like you're not going to make it to the deadline or simply want to leave the zine, it's not a problem at all! Just please try to let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you for being interested in this project! Be sure to contact us if you have any doubts.