Thank you for being interested in this edition of the Zine in Question.

You might be wondering why we chose BUCK-TICK x Art as the topic this time. It's no secret the band has referenced different forms of art expressions throughout their career; think of the bold style they chose to wear during the band's formation, their experimentation with different versions of music videos in Six/Nine, their abstract and industrial sounds in Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE, their design line in Razzle Dazzle, and of course the direct references in some of their lyrics to classical literature, famous paintings and art movements, to mention a few. Art has had a direct influence on the band's songs and we want to shape this edition of the zine around that!

The most obvious example to bring up is the song from their 21st studio album No.0, ゲルニカの夜 (Guernica no Yoru, Night of Guernica). In this song, both Imai and Sakurai were inspired by Picasso's work, which in turn was inspired by real-world happenings. Sakurai connected the meaning of this painting with his own life experience, and ended up with Guernica no Yoru, which has an especially theatrical feeling to it every time they perform it live. More info. on this at This is NOT Greatest Site.

We think the bond between the band's members and art has been strong enough to keep them motivated to try many different audio and visual styles through the years, which always makes their material feel fresh. For this Zine, we are hoping to see the many ways BUCK-TICK fans express the connection they feel between the band and other forms of art.

Your submission for the Zine can be as deep and meaningful or as simple and lighthearted as you like. Some ideas for submissions could be:

  • Recreate a classical painting featuring the band's members.
  • Represent a song using the style of an art movement you like.
  • Reimagine an album's artwork in another style.
  • Write a text combining elements of a song and a famous novel.

There are plenty of works, artists and art movements from which to take inspiration for your submission. If you still want to participate but you don't know a lot on the subject, we suggest you check out sites such as Google Arts and Culture where you can easily sort and find artists by style, technique, colors, etc.

What drives this project is passion for our favorite band and one of the things that heavily represent their work: Art.

We hope to see you at the Parade!